The Easiest Raleigh School Assembly Performer Ever for Educationally Significant Programs

Getting the right Raleigh-area school assembly performer is challenging.

The performer must hold the attention of up to 500 kids at once. And they need to be easy to work with. Elementary and primary schools have a lot going on each day. The last thing you need is a “prima donna” who comes in with a list of demands.

The best school assemblies in North Carolina are easy to work with, bring their own PA systems, and don’t need any help from anyone in the school to set up their shows. And the best school assembly programs offer topics covered in your school.

Yes, he is fully insured.


Educational School Assemblies for North Carolina Schools

School programs for daytime assemblies must be curriculum-based to justify taking your students out of class. Yet the show needs to be fun and interactive to hold your students’ attention. Therefore, when bringing in a school assembly presenter for your students, the program must be both educational and fun.

Captain Kid is an expert at presenting educationally significant school assemblies in Raleigh (and surrounding areas) primary and elementary schools. Some of his topics include:

  • STEM/Science – “Wacky Science” is a sure-fire way to get your students excited about science!
  • Recycling – Your students discover how they can help the environment
  • Anti-Bullying – Kindness, respect, and how to handle bullying situations are covered in this fast-paced school assembly
  • Math – Who says math is boring? After this assembly, your students will come away knowing how much fun math is!
  • Self-Esteem – Feeling good about yourself and persevering when the going gets tough are important lessons presented

Fun + Education = the Perfect School Assemblies

Some magicians for schools mention a few buzzwords and call it education. But not Captain Kid. He guarantees each of his educational school assembly programs is packed with significant curriculum-based content. Best of all, each program is customized for the grade levels in your school.

Each assembly program is:

  • Age-Appropriate: There is no off-color humor in Captain Kid’s shows. But each program is altered based on your students. Older kids won’t roll their eyes thinking the show is beneath them. Younger kids won’t be left confused with messages or vocabulary that flies over their heads.
  • Fully Insured: While Captain Kid has never had any kind of ‘incident’ in any of his thousands of shows, he is still fully insured for your protection
  • Highly Interactive: Education experts know how much more we retain when we are actively involved in an activity. Rather than just passively watching the show, Captain Kid gets plenty of volunteers onstage with him to help make the magic happen!

Raleigh Magician for Schools, Preschools, Fairs, Camps, YMCAs, Scouts, & Churches

Raleigh, North Carolina magician Captain Kid is not only a school assembly specialist. He also performs at a variety of other events each year.

Captain Kid has delivered hundreds of highly entertaining children’s birthday parties and entertainment for family events for over 35 years. His shows are fast-moving, hilarious, interactive, and customized to your event.

Some of the special events Captain Kid has performed at include:

  • Gospel & Church events
  • Boy & Girl Scout events
  • YMCAs
  • Preschools & childcare centers

And while some magicians in North Carolina might expect you to take them at their word, Captain Kid knows you need more proof…

What Past Clients Say About Captain Kid’s Amazing Magic Shows

Check out the collection of videos below. They are just a small sample of the incredible feedback Captain Kid has received over the years. When he chooses his magic shows for your event, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a true professional with the track record to prove it!