Raleigh Birthday

Step-By-Step Party Guide

Besides this party guide, I also offer FREE planning and consulting for all your party events for children AND adults! Simply call me any time and we will be happy to assist you with any of your special event needs and questions!

This will ensure you can easily plan your child’s next birthday party with minimal hassle! It is a powerful resource and planning tool kit containing a series of shortcuts to make your life easier and your time more effective, and your event a “SPECTACULAR EVENT!”

I realize that during your “special event” time of the year, you are “MAGICALLY” transformed into . . . a “SUPER PARTY PLANNING PARENT”! This guide is designed to assist you in creating an incredible birthday party — stress-free!

Here at your fingertips are my personal trade secrets assembled from over 35+ years of hands-on experience at children’s events! They aren’t rules — just suggestions.



  1. Determine the location of your party (if not at home). The early bird gets the worm, er, prime location / prime time
  2. Hire an entertainer. To get the best entertainer possible, it is advisable to book early. Yes, the best MAY be available if you call the day before– if you are lucky!
  3. Decide on a guest list.
  4. Schedule party activities.
  5. Decide which decorations and favors to make and which to buy.
  6. List supplies needed.
  7. Plan the menu.


  1. Confirm the location (if not at your home).
  2. Make/buy invitations. 
  3. Mail/email the invitations, drop them off, or send them to school.
  4. Buy party supplies.
  5. Make party decorations and favors.
  6. Order cake from the bakery (if you are not making it).
  7. Arrange for extra help.

THIRD (the week before)

  1. Finish the decorations and favors.
  2. Confirm the order for the cake and/or party supplies.
  3. Bake the cake and freeze it (if you are making it yourself.)
  4. Make any other foods that can be made ahead of time and store them in the freezer
  5. Write out a final schedule of activities for the party. 

FOURTH (2-3 days before)

1. Buy the remaining food for the party.
2.  Get an exact guest count. Tally responses and call those who haven’t responded.

FIFTH (the day before)

  1. Finish decorating the cake or pick up the cake from the bakery. (Keep cake fresh by inserting toothpicks along the rim and in the middle section of the cake, 1/2″ deep. Cover loosely with foil or plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator.)
  2. Childproof party area. Pick up any toys that could be a distraction.
  3. Decorate any indoor areas of the party. Weather can damage decorations, so wait for any outside decor.
  4. Prepare all the food you can prepare in advance.
  5. Print out signs to help guide your guests to your party.


  1. Prepare the last of the food.
  2. Decorate outside, including placing direction signs.