The Secrets of Organizing a Birthday Party

Part of the secret of a well-organized party is a well-organized party area. Here are some suggestions to help you get and keep the party area organized.


1) Furnishings

When organizing a birthday party, I generally, have the kids sitting directly on the floor. A plastic tablecloth or an old blanket can protect the floor.

For crafts, the height of furniture is generally designed for adults. For kids under 5 eating and making crafts, placing folding tables (or plywood) directly on the blankets on the floor is best. Kid-size plastic chairs are also inexpensive to buy (or borrow), making the party more “kid friendly”.

2) Trash Cans

 Accessible trash cans in the party area will help keep things neat!

3) Materials

Have all the materials for games and activities set up and ready to distribute. Place them out in the order that they will be used in order to prevent confusion.

4) Presents

A card table near the entry door will help keep things organized!

5) Picture Time

Have your phone camera ready and fully charged.  Think of the memories you will keep forever!

6) Checklist!

  • Charged camera/phone
  • Plates:
  • Plasticware:
  • Napkins:
  • Cups:
  • Tablecloth:
  • Placemats:
  • Batteries:
  • Film/Video:
  • Trash bags:
  • Glue:
  • Transparent Tape:
  • Crayons/Markers:
  • Decorations:
  • Favors:
  • Groceries: