Raleigh Magician Adult and Family Videos

Underwater Escape as Seen On TV

This is perhaps the most dangerous underwater escape ever done. It is done in 30 below weather through 6-8 inches of ice into a flowing river, chained up, handcuffed with a neck iron, then locked into a big canvas bag by a real police officer in Fairbanks Alaska. KC won’t do it again, so watch this video!

Goodnight Charlie's has KC!

On the small stage, KC performs a comedy act to a laughing crowd at Goodnight Charlie’s.

KC does Close-up for Adults

Ever have magic done right in your hands? KC does magic in the spectator’s hands, amazing the whole crowd

KC Amazes Kids with Close-Up Magic!

Who said Close-Up Magic is just for adults? KC proves that wrong by rendering kids and their parents speechless.

How Much Fun are They Having?

College Hypnotism Show by Hypnotist KC

Man Gives Birth!

More Magician Videos! Straight from the Enquirer’s headlines. KC does a comedy hypnotism show where a man thinks he is giving birth. See it here first!

He Is Mental! Mentalism Show

Fascinated with the power of the mind? KC proves he can read minds, place thoughts, move objects, perform feats of memory and math in the funniest way possible!

Screaming Crowd Cheers KC in Stage Magic

There is nothing like the electricity of a great stage magic show. The crowd is screaming and even chanting “KC”

What Do Farm Animals Say About KC?

This is a funny little ad where a cow and a pig discuss KC.

Homer Simpson Has a Vision

Homer is now seeing visions of Captain Kid in His soup!

Dracula Speaks!

It is not often one gets an endorsement from Dracula. This has to be seen to be believed!