Magic White Board

This is a fun routine where a drawing comes to life.

Fun with Parrot Jax!

Yes, Jax is a big, red parrot who is VERY friendly and loves to show off for the children. This also includes a funny mind reading by the famous parrot Jax.

Money From Ears

This is a funny routine where coins appear magically in kids ears and the KIDS take them out.

Lie Detector!

What would you ask if you have a lie detector? Captain Kid is caught in several lies, and a child gets asked silly questions about their father.

Bending a Fork with the Power of His Mind!

Popularized by Uri Geller a big name in magic, Captain Kid does the same type of magic routines with a fork. Yes, It is a real fork and he can use one you provide.

Pulling a Tablecloth Out from Under a Stack of Dishes!

Another routine you no doubt have heard about, and now you can see. Real dishes from a second-hand store, a real table cloth, No gimmicks! Yes, this is the real thing.

The Invisible Potato

Another famous magic routine from Captain Kid. A potato, that comes from a father’s ear, becomes invisible. Then it is taken and tossed around by the children and caught in a bag – with real visual and sound effects. The kids get really excited and everyone wants to try it.

Did You Know Elephants Wear Wedding Rings?

Well, elephants DO wear wedding rings, and Captain Kid has 6 to prove it. With these elephant wedding rings Captain Kid AND 5 kids link and unlink them in an amazing routine made for kids.

The Coke Bottle

Captain Lid teases the crowd with Coca Cola bottle that disappears and reappeares. Then the Coke disappears in front of their eyes. 

Captain Puts On Some Magic Hats with Surprises that Embarrass Him.

Kids love to know things an adult doesn’t. In this magic routine, the kids insist that a hat Captain Kid is wearing has turned into a toilet plunger or clown hair. The kids have to prove Captain Kid wrong.