Raleigh Magician Captain Kid’s Show Videos

Sneaker Juice!

A positively disgusting routine the kids love!

Magic White Board!

This is a fun routine where a drawing comes to life. It is done for the 10 and under crowd. For older kids I do not perform it.

Lie Detector!

What would you ask if you have a lie detector? Captain Kid is caught in several lies, and a child gets asked silly questions about their father.

Tommy Toilet Paper!

Another positively disgusting routine the kids love!

Bending a Fork with the Power of His Mind!

Popularized by Uri Geller a big name in magic, Captain Kid does the same type of magic routines with a fork. Yes, It is a real fork and he can use one you provide.

Pulling a Tablecloth Out from Under a Stack of Dishes!

Another routine you no doubt have heard about, and now you can see. Real dishes from a second-hand store, a real table cloth, No gimmicks! Yes, this is the real thing.

Money From Ears

This is a funny routine where coins appear magically in kids ears and the KIDS take them out.

Invisible Potato

Another famous magic routine from Captain Kid. A potato, that comes from a father’s ear, becomes invisible. Then it is taken and tossed around by the children and caught in a bag – with real visual and sound effects. The kids get really excited and everyone wants to try it.

Parrot Jax

Yes, Jax is a big, red parrot who is VERY friendly and loves to show off for the children. This also includes a funny mind reading by the famous parrot Jax.

Elephants Wear Wedding Rings?

Well, elephants DO wear wedding rings, and Captain Kid has 6 to prove it. With these elephant wedding rings Captain Kid AND 5 kids link and unlink them in an amazing routine made for kids.

My Wish Bag

Choose something from over a hundred objects, and it will magically appear in my magic wish bag!

The School Bully

This is part of the entertainment portion of a routine “school anti-bully show” I do.

The Coke Bottle

Captain Lid teases the crowd with Coca Cola bottle that disappears and reappeares. Then the Coke disappears in front of their eyes. 

Embarrassing Hats

I do this for kids seven and under. For older kids I do other routines. Kids love to know things an adult doesn’t. In this magic routine, the kids insist that a hat Captain Kid is wearing has turned into a toilet plunger or clown hair.

My Pet Spot

This is a fun routine I give out to kids in their “Goody Bags” that they can take and do at home.

Story Time Fun!

A fun way to red a story!