“Who is Raleigh’s Children’s Birthday & Family Entertainment Exotic Animal Party Parrot Jax?”

Spectacular Birthday Party Animal – Raleigh Magician Parrot Jax

The wonderful exotic animal party features parrot Jax – a truly gentle giant among parrots at 3+ lbs and over 34″. Exotic animal parrot Jax is a Greenwing Macaw who dazzles everyone with her big personality and her beautiful red, blue, and green feathers.

Captain Kid Adopted Exotic Animal Party Parrot Jax

in Raleigh in 2001. In captivity, this type of parrot lives for 70-100 years, so Raleigh Magician Parrot Jax is much more than a lifetime commitment!



Innovative Magician Captain Kid chose a Giant Greenwing Macaw

over other types of parrots because they are friendly and love attention, but mostly because he fell in love with wonderful Jax!

Magician Parrot Jax is a true showbird. She loves the limelight and has learned some tricks to get even more attention. Some of these tricks are incorporated into Captain Kid’s show.

Magic Parrot

Of All Birthday Party Animals, Parrots Are the Most Intelligent

and can learn to use very basic words, and not just repeat them. Their intelligence is compared to a four-year-old. They can also do many other things, like riding a bike, skate, and dunk a small basketball.

Another parrot type, the African Grey, can actually learn to converse with people, just like some gorillas and other species. It takes a lot of work from the trainer, literally years, but it has been done.

Most Exotic Animals Like Parrots are Kept in Small Cages

with no toys and fed seeds or a cheap parrot diet that lacks nutrition. Jax has the largest cage available, and an unending supply of toys, and eats the best food possible,

much right from Raleigh birthday party & family entertainment magician Captain Kid’s dinner plate.