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Raleigh Children’s Birthday & Family Magician Entertainment that Causes Belly Laughs, Gasps of Astonishment, & Memories to Last a Lifetime!

North Carolina’s Most Hysterical Magic Show &/or Traveling Exotic Zoo is the Perfect Family Entertainment Choice for Your Next Special Event

In Raleigh, you have several choices for children’s birthday and family entertainment.  But not all magicians are created equal. Captain Kid is your best children’s entertainer choice.  Here’s what recent clients had to say:

Watch what your friends and family will say about the show!
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And they’re not the only ones. Explore the rest of this site.  You’ll see hundreds of comments from satisfied clients, providing Captain Kid will make YOUR event an incredible success.

Some magicians in North Carolina take pride in how little equipment they take to a show.  But your event deserves more than just a suitcase show.  Kids and adults love color, excitement, and wonder.  That’s why Captain Kid’s shows are the best magic shows in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

7 Reasons Why Captain Kid’s Children’s Birthday & Family Magic Shows are the Best Choice in the Raleigh Triangle Area

It’s not enough to just claim the title of “Best Children’s Magician in Raleigh.” No, you’ve got to prove it.

Your Child Will Be the Star,
& Parents Can Bond Doing Magic With Their Children!

In this EXTREMELY  interactive show, your child will be the STAR & love you for it! This helps build up their self-esteem and makes them participants, not just observers. Parents have special opportunities to be involved in the magic as well, strengthening their parent/child bond.

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 – Here are just a few reasons why Captain Kid’s magic shows are the premier choice for your next event:

  1. TRUCKLOAD OF STUFF – Captain Kid believes every magic show should be an event! That’s why he brings so much equipment. From backdrop to sound systems, Captain Kid guarantees your audience will be amazed and impressed before the show even begins. Yes, he is fully insured.
  2. INTERACTIVE FUN WITH YOUR CHILD THE STAR – Captain Kid’s shows are filled with plenty of join-in fun for all, and your child is the star of the show for their birthday!
  3. EXOTIC ANIMALS – Captain Kid brings a mini-traveling zoo with him to every show! His animal sidekicks include a large parrot, a bearded dragon, and a hedgehog. Each animal is tame and friendly. Children can handle them and have their photo taken with them after the show!
  4. EASY TO WORK WITH – We know that your child’s birthday or your special event has a lot of moving parts. Captain Kid brings everything he needs to put on an outstanding show. Just point him to where he will be performing, and he’ll take care of the rest! He even provides helpful instructions to Birthday Party Success!
  5. CUSTOMIZED FUN FOR ALL AGES – Captain Kid alters both the show and magic for the ages watching. Unlike other Raleigh area children’s entertainers, he doesn’t believe in using the same magic tricks and jokes for every age group.
  6. PARENTS & CHILDREN BONDING – One reason you’re considering hiring a magician for your child’s birthday is to create wonderful memories. But rather than just watch your child watching the show, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with your child during the show. And don’t worry, Captain Kid doesn’t do anything embarrassing, guaranteed. Captain Kid also provides free magic instructional videos parents can do with their children with household items!
  7. IMPRESSIVE SHOW – Captain Kid understands the importance of an impressive show that adults will enjoy with their children. Look at the 120+ video reviews and other Google reviews of what your friends and families could be saying about your event!

But Raleigh magician Captain Kid offers more than just birthday party magic shows. Each year, he performs at hundreds of events across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Here are just a few of the different events he performs at:

    • School Assemblies
    • Company Parties
    • Child Care Centers / Preschools
    • Scouts
    • HOA Special Events
    • And many more…

    Maybe the hundreds of client testimonials aren’t enough to convince you. Or maybe you’re still skeptical because so many magicians in Raleigh and surrounding areas make similar claims. That’s why Captain Kid offers something no other family entertainment option in North Carolina offers.

Captain Kid’s Incredible “2 X Satisfaction Guarantee”

Your upcoming event is important. And you’ve only got one chance to get it right. Hire the wrong family entertainer and you could be left with bad memories about your event for months. Captain Kid knows this and wants you to feel 200% secure when choosing his fun magic shows for your event.

That’s why he offers an unbelievable “2 X Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here’s what it means:

If for any reason you feel Captain Kid failed to live up to your expectations, you will receive DOUBLE your money back! That’s right, you receive your entire investment for Captain Kid’s show back…doubled!

There is no possible way he can be fairer than that. And no other children’s magician or family entertainer in NC has the confidence in their shows to offer such a strong guarantee! And this is important. In 35+ years of performing, not a single client has ever taken Captain Kid up on his generous offer. Neither will you.

You’ll be thrilled with Captain Kid’s magic shows, guaranteed.

WARNING: Here’s Why You May Not Be Able to Bring Raleigh’s Most Amazing & Hysterical Children’s Birthday & Family Entertainment Magician to Your Special Event…

Are you ready to get started? Simply call (919) 980-KIDS (5437) to find out if Captain Kid has your date and time available.

But this is important. Because Captain Kid offers magic shows across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, his prime dates and times are often booked up months in advance –  but it doesn’t hurt to call for even same day parties! Kerry is also networked with all the best children’s entertainers in the area and may be able to find someone else.

To avoid disappointment, call Captain Kid at (919) 980-KIDS (5437) TODAY.

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“Kerry ‘KC’ Cameron, aka Captain Kid, has been entertaining kids professionally for 35 years! He has worked as a Circus Clown, a Standup Comedian, and now provides exciting, non-stop comedy magic entertainment you can be proud to show your friends!”

Raleigh’s Exotic Mobile Petting Zoo, Animal Show,

& Magic Show!

Yes, the children (& YOUR friends!) can pet, hold, and have photos taken with all The Exotic Animal Petting Zoo! Other local companies’ exotics as not so trustworthy.

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Fun for Family and Friends,
Kids and Adults!

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