Note Kerry’s (KC) number is now (919) 627-7748

Discounts For Raleigh Magician Captain Kid?

Raleigh Magician Captain Kid is the most experienced and best magician in NC.  He offers a high energy, high interaction comedy, magic, and puppet show for kids and adults.  His prices for an average show include the:

1) prep time,

2) travel time,

3) set-up time, and

4) tear-down time,

5) customer/potential customer interaction, as well as the

6) time spent researching and developing new routines. It also covers costs like

7) vehicle and

8) props upkeep as well as

9) new props and props purchased but never used. It covers

10) performing animal purchase costs,

11) performing animal upkeep,

12) Performing animal food (in bulk 50 lbs for $370) and


13) extreme vet costs (minimum $250/check-up) for Parrot Jax and Kyla.  $800/year just for birth control!

14) retirement costs for Parrot Kyla and Jax too.  It covers

15) costs and time for advertising,

16) website creation, and maintenance,

17) insurance, as well as

18) free/discounted shows.  It included costs for things normally provided by an employer like

19) medical insurance,

20) vacations, and

21) 401K

22) High self-employment taxes

He has done well in his life and wants to give back to his community. He realizes not everyone can afford his reasonable rates, so he offers discounts for those that can’t. They include discounts for videotaping shows, extra, accurate reviews, multiple shows, odd start-timed shows, and more. To get these discounts you must call him at (919) 627-7748.

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