Raleigh’s All-Around Premier Entertainer
& Magician for the Young at Heart!

Kids of all ages LOVE Raleigh Magician Captain Kid, and he loves kids! Captain Kid’s shows are loud, energetic, and extremely interactive! This kid’s magic show contains comedy, comedy magic, puppetry, comedic games, and the incredibly gentle, giant parrot Jax. His show is a rollercoaster of emotions and is specially designed to fully entertain the whole family – children, pre-teens, teens, and adults! (He does adjust his show some for the age level of his audience.)


Unlike his competition, Magician Captain Kid shows are nearly all  “organic magic” – as you can see in his videos! (No, you can’t eat the magic!) This means he uses regular, everyday objects with which the kids are familiar, unlike the weird-looking, unfamiliar props other magicians often use. Bags, forks, glasses, dishes, shoelaces, lunch boxes, potatoes, toilet paper, cans, a whiteboard, Coke, sneakers, money, and a tablecloth are some of these magic props. Since the kids are already familiar with them, the magic done is even more impactful – and it is AMAZING & EXTREMELY FUNNY!

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Jax the parrot (another HUGE hit – Yes, she is a real parrot) is part of the comedy magic and will vogue with your guests for pictures at the end. Yes, she is EXTREMELY gentle and loves kids and the attention they give her. Jax was hatched in 2001, giving her over 20 years experience being handled by kids in shows!


Captain Kids’ magic shows are “Rock-and-Roll” for over an hour, with no dead spots! Unlike other magicians’ shorter 45-minute shows, Captain Kid’s show is approximately 75+ minutes long and the kid’s jubilation lasts for the whole thing! Yes, Captain Kid does travel out of the Triangle area, but there may be an additional charge. Captain Kid is a professional and is fully insured.

Captain Kid offers a “Double-Your-Money-Back” guarantee that the show will be worth MORE than all the 5-star reviews it has received! If you don’t think Magician Captain Kid’s show is the best children’s magic show in the Triangle, ask for double-your-money-back!
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In his Deluxe Kid’s Magic Show, Raleigh Magician Captain Kid also gives out magic tricks that are easy enough for a 4-year-old to do, and great enough that their parents will want to do it with their adult friends!  Full video instructions are provided.  Also included is special costuming, a beautiful velvet backdrop, and a 300-watt speaker with two wireless microphones, if needed. Raleigh Magician Captain Kid will also video record the show in  HD for your kids and their guests for you to share.


Captain Kid is confident enough in his show to have most of it on his website in video format so you can see it before you buy.  No disappointing surprises! There is a reason other magicians don’t do this!  Captain Kid has been performing magic professionally for over 35 years and has had plenty of time to polish his show to gem quality. Some Magicians fake/buy their Google reviews. He has over 120 reviews on VIDEO so you can see what real people think. His shows are for 4 to 11 year-olds, and ages 10 to adult.

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Raleigh Magician Kerry Cameron also does jaw-dropping, clean, and enticing close-up magic, stage magic, mentalism, and hypnotism shows that are full of comedy for teen and adult audiences and perfect for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and colleges at http://AdultMagic.show.

KidShow Superstars with KC Jax

KC’s phone number is now (919) 627-7748.




Why Hire Raleigh Magician Captain Kid?

  • He loves and respects children, and children love him!
  • Raleigh Magician Captain Kid is dependable.
  • He’s punctual – he will arrive early.
  • His magic birthday parties are stress-free.
  • Your child is the STAR of the magic show (if they wish).
  • Captain Kid’s birthday magic shows are full of audience participation.
  • His parties are mess-free!
  • Both the kids and parents will be impressed and talk about the magic show long after the birthday party is over.


  • The kids will be extremely excited during the birthday magic show– but completely controlled!
  • Let’s not forget about the gentle giant parrot Jax – yes, a real interactive parrot!
  • All organic magic – no weird magic props to question
  • Personality-driven magic, as opposed to prop-driven magic
  • True family comedy from an actual comedian
  • Double-your-money-back guarantee!
  • This Raleigh Magician treats your child like a VIP.
  • This Raleigh Birthday Magician is fully insured.


 Raleigh Magician Kids’ Party Reviews!

VIP Treatment from Raleigh Magician Captain Kid

 I am a professional entertainer. If your child loves attention, he or she will be the star. Or if your child is shy, I will respect his or her comfort zone.

Kids' Raleigh Magic Party Pricing

My parents could not afford a kids’ birthday party magician. I charge the industry standard rate of $295 – $345/show but I promise a MUCH higher quality birthday party – with a double-your-money-back guarantee! I also offer Walk-Around Magic at a rate of $250/hr minimum 2 hours

Click here to see 120+ VIDEO reviews of my shows.

I am the ONLY “wizard” in Raleigh, NC who posts full routines with the whole kids’ magic show online.  There are no surprises for you – but plenty for the kids!.

Be confident that your family and friends will love my show. You are looking for a responsible children’s entertainer who will make your child’s party magical and minimize your stress. You’ve found him!